This past weekend Our very own #Baradoll Lisa Hochstein was spotted partying in our Stunning Limpasse Couture Limited Edition Sequin Jumpsuit 
Whether you want it for a 70's themed party or a glam birthday look, this jumpsuit totally rocks!
Now, we know not all of us can afford the more expensive version, which is why we love to offer the same look for less! 
Our latest arrival The Jessica Bara Elizabeth Embellished Jumpsuit is just as glam as the Limpasse. This version offers a corset like belt, making our waist more defined than ever! 
Now if you are not a fan of Jumpsuits, Our Jessica Bara Marinella is the dress version of both of these looks. 
No matter which of these looks you are wearing, we are sure all of our #Baradolls will look fabulous in them.
November 04, 2022 — Jessica Bara